godaddy 8月优惠码 域名仅5.99美元每年

godaddy 8月优惠码 域名仅5.99美元每年

今天鲜活优惠码去参加了一个婚礼,男猪脚不是我,当然了女主角也不是我,我是去蹭饭的小小上国子民;回到正题,之前鲜活优惠码介绍的八月份的“godaddy1美元域名优惠码8月”似乎过期了,现在继续分享godaddy5.99美元域名优惠码!下面就详细说说这些godaddy5.99美元域名优惠码吧!godaddy 8月优惠码 域名仅5.99美元每年

godaddy 8月优惠码 域名仅5.99美元每年:gfnnme01 gfnnme02 gfnnme03 ….gfnnme20  (共二十个,别告诉我,你看不懂)

说明:使用这些godaddy 优惠码注册.com域名只要5.99美元/年,每个账户可以注册三个,每个可连续注册十年,超过三个则超过部分按每个7.49美元/年计费,本优惠码不能用于转移、续费以及.com以外其他域名注册;仅限信用卡支付。


现在就[点击这里]到: 看看吧。

如果没有信用卡?可使用:GoDaddy域名$7.49 超级优惠码链接 

(可以使用支付宝 paypal等支付,此优惠适用于.com域名 已经优惠37%左右 可以购买多年 不限购买个数)

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英文版介绍如下:COMs just $5.99* per year up to 3 domains! Additional .COMs just $7.49* per year!

You will need credit card to do that..
use this coupon code “gfnnme01″ "gfnnme02" "gfnnme03" …."gfnnme20"  to get .com domain just for $5.99.

Applies to new and transfer domains, up to ten registration years. Offer may not be used for renewals. $5.99* .COM offer limited to three domains per customer, additional .COMs just $7.49* per year. Promotion expires after 75,000 redemptions. Discount will be reflected in your shopping cart; cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Customers may not use gift cards, PayPal® or AliPay to redeem this offer. Your discount will be applied in your shopping cart. * Plus ICANN fee of $0.18 per domain year.

以上就是godaddy 8月优惠码 域名仅5.99美元每年全文,更多最新:godaddy 优惠码 

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