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We know, we know, you come to these posts looking for the promo code that’s going to score you discounts on renewals and registrations of .com and .net domains —and we’ll get to that. But we’re so pumped about a couple of restaurant chains that will finally be making their debut in Denver next year that it inspired this month’s promo code.

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Two fast food icons are reportedly planning Colorado debuts: In-N-Out Burger has announced plans to build a distribution center in Colorado Springs to support 50 restaurants in its vicinity, and Shake Shack claims that a Denver location will open by May 2018 at latest in the RiNo area. We’ve never been so excited to experience a food coma.

And for those of you who want to argue “Those restaurants aren’t that great!” and are about to spout lies about how Whataburger or White Castle is so much better, just let us have our moment. Sure there are lots of really tasty, wonderful options out there, but a little variety never hurt anyone.


Don’t forget to use this month’s promo code to take care of all of your .com and .net renewal and registration needs, and we’ll see you in the New Year.

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