Letter of Credit 即L/C, 为国际贸易中最常见的付款方式,它的分类很多,下面作了列举,供参考.
1.revocable L/C/irrevocable L/C可撤销信用证/不可撤销信用证
2.confirmed L/C/unconfirmed L/C 保兑信用证/不保兑信用证
3.sight L/C/usance L/C 即期信用证/远期信用证
4.transferable L/C(or)assignable L/C(or)transmissible L/C /untransferable L/C 可转让信用证/不可转让信用证
5.divisible L/C/undivisible L/C 可分割信用证/不可分割信用证
6.revolving L/C 循环信用证
7.L/C with T/T reimbursement clause 带电汇条款信用证
8.without recourse L/C/with recourse L/C 无追索权信用证/有追索权信用证
9.documentary L/C/clean L/C 跟单信用证/光票信用证
10.deferred payment L/C/anticipatory L/C延付信用证/预支信用证
11.back to back L/Creciprocal L/C对背信用证/对开信用证
12.traveller's L/C(or:circular L/C)旅行信用证
Selling Agent 销售代理
According to the power the principal has delegated to a selling agent, the agent may just introduce the potential customer to the principal or actually negotiate and conclude the contract between the two parties. The have the following characteristics:
a) An agent can only operate within the marketing territory authorized by the principal.
b) An agent does not carry stock. The goods are carried only as consignment inventory. Payment is based on delivery to the ultimate buyer.
c) The principal (exporter) set the retail price, retains title and controls the goods.
d) The profit and risk of loss remains within the principal, unless the agent is a del credere one.
e) Agents are usually paid with commission.
[品质优良]:quality is excellent/ superior/ very good/ fine/ best/ high/ wonderful/ supreme/ attractive
[品质低劣]:quality is bad/ inferior/ not good/ poor/ imperfect/ defective/ faulty/ second-rate/ lower/ unsatisfactory
[品质保证]:retain the good quality; keep up to the standard quality; obtain a good quality; attain the best quality; secure an excellent quality
[物品以达标准品质]:An article is up to the standard quality; An article is of the same quality as the standard; An article is equal to the standard quality; An article is the same as the standard quality
[物品在标准以下]:An article is below the standard
[物品在标准以上]:An article is above the standard
[物品和样品一致]:An article is up to the sample; An article corresponds with the sample; An article is equal to the sample.
-average quality 标准品质
We would like to buy 500 tons of average quality corn.
-customary quality 一般品质
The quality of the goods shipped is customary quality.
-best quality, prime quality, first-rate quality 最佳品质
The goods supplied shall only be those of best quality.
-quality inspection certificate 品质检验证书
Please be sure to attach a quality inspection certificate.
-difference in quality 品质上的差异
There is a big difference in quality between the trial order and the order of this time.
-guarantee of quality 品质保证
We request a guarantee of quality for a period of one year on all the goods you sell.
-sacrifice quality 降低品质
If you sacrifice the quality and deliver goods of imperfect quality to us, well will refuse acceptance of them.
市况上扬': The market advances.
The market gains.
The market rises.
'市况下挫': The market declines.
The market falls.
The market loses.
'市况活跃': The market booms.
The market is excited.
The market becomes active.
The market becomes brisk.
'市况暴跌停滞': The market slumps.
The market becomes dull.
The market breaks down.
'市况走势上扬,市况攀升走高': The market is on the up grade.
The market is on an upward trend.
The market tends upward.
'市况走势下跌,市况下划走低': The market is on the down grade.
The market tends downward.
The market is on a downward trend.
The market takes downward.
'市况狂跌': The market declines.
The market drops.
The market sags.
'市况暴涨': The market jumps.
The market advances.
The market soars.
● 市场行情百态
[动词]上扬情况:The market improves (好转) / picks up (扬升) / hardens (转趋坚俏) / stiffens (坚挺) / revives (复苏) / rebounds (反弹) / regains (恢复) / rallies (重振) .
下跌趋势:The market collapses (崩溃) / relaxes (疲软) .
行情波动:The market fluctuates (波动).
[形容词]上扬情况:The market is strong (强劲) / firm (坚稳) / exciting (活跃) / advancing (爬升) / healthy (健康).
下跌趋势:The market is weak (疲软) / soft (疲软) / easy (缓慢).
平稳不变:The market is quite (静止) / calm (平静) / unchanged (不变) / steady (平稳)/ supported (平持)
1 C&F(cost&freight)成本加运费价
2 T/T(telegraphic transfer)电汇
3 D/P(document against payment)付款交单
4 D/A (document against acceptance)承兑交单
5 C.O (certificate of origin)一般原产地证
6 G.S.P.(generalized system of preferences)普惠制
7 CTN/CTNS(carton/cartons)纸箱
8 PCE/PCS(piece/pieces)只、个、支等
9 DL/DLS(dollar/dollars)美元
10 DOZ/DZ(dozen)一打
11 PKG(package)一包,一捆,一扎,一件等
12 WT(weight)重量
13 G.W.(gross weight)毛重
14 N.W.(net weight)净重
15 C/D (customs declaration)报关单
16 EA(each)每个,各
17 W (with)具有
18 w/o(without)没有
19 FAC(facsimile)传真
20 IMP(import)进口
21 EXP(export)出口
22 MAX (maximum)最大的、最大限度的
23 MIN (minimum)最小的,最低限度
24 M 或MED (medium)中等,中级的
25 M/V(merchant vessel)商船
26 S.S(steamship)船运
27 MT或M/T(metric ton)公吨
28 DOC (document)文件、单据
29 INT(international)国际的
30 P/L (packing list)装箱单、明细表
31 INV (invoice)发票
32 PCT (percent)百分比
33 REF (reference)参考、查价
34 EMS (express mail special)特快传递
35 STL.(style)式样、款式、类型
36 T或LTX或TX(telex)电传
37 RMB(renminbi)人民币
38 S/M (shipping marks)装船标记
39 PR或PRC(price) 价格
40 PUR (purchase)购买、购货
41 S/C(sales contract)销售确认书
42 L/C (letter of credit)信用证
43 B/L (bill of lading)提单
44 FOB (free on board)离岸价
45 CIF (cost,insurance&freight)成本、保险加运费价

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